Your questions answered

Sam Clafin in Les Miserables

How old do you have to be to join?
10- 26 (some of our members are younger and older)

What experience or qualifications do I need? 
None! Just a willingness to be part of a winning team. Our cast is chosen because of how well they sing, how well they act, and on how they look. 

What if I don’t know anybody in the group?
Only a few of our members know each other when they start a production but by the end of it they know each other pretty well and many keep in contact with each other, sometimes for years. It is a very friendly group!

How good do I have to be?
To get a lead part you would expect to be very good. Lead parts go to anyone who can show exceptional ability in the audition. All our members sing very well, and have had lead parts in their school shows. But that doesn’t mean they automatically will get a part in one of our productions. Parts go mainly on looks and ability and very talented youngsters fail to get in because there are simply not enough parts on offer or they don’t look right for a part or are the wrong age for a part.

How often do you rehearse for a show?
Because our members travel long distances to rehearse, rehearsals are kept to as few as possible. We work mainly on Sundays (11.00 – 4.00) and you would be called for sometimes a morning session and sometimes the afternoon. Nearer the show you will be called for an all day rehearsal.  Wednesday evenings (7.30 – 9.30)  principal characters are usually called and nearer the show the odd  Friday one may be added. All rehearsals are at Wensum Junior School, Norwich.

Would I be needed at all these rehearsals?
No. Your involvement would depend on the part you are playing. Chorus tend to only come on Sundays whilst the principal characters attend more often. Each show has it’s own demands.

How much will it cost me?
We have to charge an audition fee of £5. If you are successful we charge a Performer’s Subscription of £65 per show to cover rehearsal rooms and insurance costs.

Where are the rehearsals?
All rehearsals are at:

Wensum Junior School
Turner Road

On Waterworks Road just off the Dereham Road.

How many people in a production?
This depends on the show but we usually accept around 40 – 45 per show.

How do I apply to join?
Click here to go to the ‘join’ section:
Apply to be part of the company

If you have a question please e-mail the company and we will add it to the FAQ list.