Reviews 2010 – 2014

LES MISERABLES – 2011 Norwich Playhouse  I was absolutely astounded by the maturity of this Norfolk Youth Music Theatre performance, which moved me more than the West End tour version. Audience review

The local newspapers choose not to review our young people’s work.

THE CARD – 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival  The ensemble not only contributed to the overall quality of the production but their non-verbal work was first class and were well supported by the band under the direction Of Adrian Connell. GORDON CLAYTON

NUNSENSE – 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival  By the end, the cast were really getting into their stride. The accents had settled, the comic timing was spot-on and the five members of the NYMT had turned into a slick comedy unit, milking every bit of gold out of the outrageous plot. I left wanting more, much more. Lee Zhao

NUNSENSE – 2011 Maddermarket Theatre  No Review

 The local newspapers choose not to review our young people’s work.

THE CARD –  2011 Maddermarket Theatre  Filling the stage with tireless vitality, the whole cast creates a panorama of individual characters in this Norfolk Youth Music Theatre show that repays the tremendous effort that must have gone into producing it. Christopher Smith EDP

SWEENEY TODD – 2012   Norwich Playhouse  Adrian Connell directs a highly talented ensemble. Callum Bicknell plays the barber with an amazing voice, towering morosely over victims and innocents alike. Harriet Millsopp is just outstanding as the amoral Mrs Lovett;turhing bodies into pies. David Porter EDP


WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND – 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival  That this beautiful production should be a youth project is nothing short of miraculous. James Robert Ball

A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC – 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival  This production of was very high class for an amateur show. Katie Cunningham


 The local newspapers choose not to review our young people’s work.

WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND – 2012 Maddermarket Theatre  Director Adrian Connell has surpassed himself with this challenging piece of musical theatre.

MISS SAIGON – 2013 Norwich Playhouse  The EDP declined to review the show.  For any amateur group to take on the Vietnam War-based love story Miss Saigon is a massive challenge but the Norfolk Youth Theatre not only did so, but did it triumphantly. TONY MALLION BBC  The local newspapers choose not to review our young people’s work.

GALA CONCERT – 2013 DISS  The EDP were not invited

LOVE STORY – 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Will Arundell and Eloise Hare are beautifully cast as Oliver and Jenny, playing both with an emotional depth and maturity beyond their tender years. Each manages to steer clear of the saccharine schmaltz it would be so easy to descend into.

LOVE STORY – 2013 UEA Norwich  The EDP declined to review the show.

OLIVER1 – 2013 Maddermarket Theatre – Once again a very slick and fast moving production by NYMT and several different touches in this ‘Oliver’ to make an interesting show. What a pace from the orchestra, really excellent, and how the score and action sped past, and that continuous run with very slick scene excellent changes integral into the action, this was a seamless (no pauses) entertainment of music, action, and dance without any stops in the story line. Sue Dupont NODA

 The local newspapers choose not to review our young people’s work.

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – 2014 Norwich Playhouse _ The increasingly ambitious, hugely talented Norfolk Youth Music Theatre team excelled in their magnificent, confident Phantom, which is a big show by any definition. Adrian Connell, stage and musical director, should be proud of his performers and know that he is guiding many future stars. EDP

An evening of ‘blown away’ enjoyment for all in the Playhouse audience, quite brilliant in every way, once more NYMT climbed the mountain and showed what is at the top. NODA

MISS SAIGON – 2014 EDINBURGH FESTIVAL It may be the school edition, but the maturity of performance from the young members of Norfolk Youth Music Theatre raises the bar once again in what is a too short visit to Edinburgh.  Edinburgh Guide

The numbers featured gave a picture of so many achievements in your productions, a good choice to showcase the group with extracts from ‘Phantom of the Opera’, ‘Miss Saigon’, ‘Sweeney Todd’, ‘A Little Night Music’, ‘Secret Garden’ and ‘Les Miserables’, all of which have been successful in your hands. Does one pick out a single number and the answer is ‘no’ as all were so excellent whether solo or duet or ensemble or company. Sue Dupont NODA

 The local newspapers choose not to review our young people’s work.

ADDAMS FAMILY – 2014 – Maddermarket Theatre – Clever songs and often discordant music is provided by a superb band conducted by Mark Sharp. The whole works together to display some extremely high quality young local talent. DAVID PORTER EDP

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