The Addams Family props and set for hire

This Addams Family set has been designed for a small stage with minimal wing space. The bed, and banquet table all fold flat and the house and columns stay on stage throughout. All of the props required for this show are available. A complete list is under the photographs.

Also available are the SFX for the show sent as MP3s. A list of the FX are at the foot of the page
as well as many window, moon and park/tree projections that save on lanterns for each gobo.

A theatre week hire for the complete show is £600 and delivery and collection can be arranged but will involve the hire of a Luton Van plus fuel and driving time.

Full payment is required at the the start of the hire period along with a £200 returnable damage cheque.

The bed is the two benches with a board over them and a free standing headboard. There are 3 eiderdowns, Black, purple and green for each of the 3 bedrooms and all have matching table cloths and screen throws. The two columns are placed together to become the portal to the bedroom. Simply reposition the columns and bed to creat 3 different rooms. Pool lighting and window gobos will create the look.

Sets for HirePersonal Props for Hire  
Churchyard gates
2 columns
Outside of House
Grave stones x 3
Camo net decore  
Marble bench
Urns with ivy
Flowers to de-head
Fake Bird on cane
Mice eating plant
Bowl of mice
Photo album
Black Rose
Pile of suitcases
Dead bird with arrow in it
Wed/s notebook
Engagement ring on chain
Wednesday’s Case      
Settee is 3 chairs
Settee throw & cushions
Dressing screen
Side tables & Red cloth
Family photos
Candelabra x 2
2 Fencing swords
Cigars, box and ash tray
Jeweller’s Loupe
Fake Arrow with apple
Wedding ring
Lever on stage
Chair with blade
Chains for arms and feet
Fester’s football
Ridiculous toupee
The Moon
Rocket on back
Lunch box Sandwich American flag on pole
Fester’s bag
Guide Central park
Bottle with obvious poison Axe small hand held one plastic toy
Basket of bones   GRANDMA
Grandma’s specs
Grannie’s pet ferret
Gran’s trolley
Witches broom on back of trolley
Acrimonium bottle
Other bottles
Map of Park
Mal‘s notebook & pencil
2 trestles
3 red cloths
2 benches
3 chairs
Copper plates Goblets
Food on plates
Spider cloth
RED Box with plunger Lizard pet
Pugsley collection box

Flowers card
Tray of drinks
Guide Book
The Bed
2 benches,
Board and headboard
Side Tables drapes
Photos and bottle of perfume
3 Dining chairs
Dressing screen with drapes
20 Candelabra
3 Colored bed covers Pillows with black cases
Portrait of Gomaz ancestor for house wall.
20 candelabra
2 x Grim Reaper’s scythe
 Itt (Bush) camo net costume
Tassel Godiva wig
4 Black Umbrellas
Wedding Bouquets
The Addams Family SFXAvailable
Scene Description Cue Description
  Preset 1 Horror sfx for 20 mins
  Overture 2 Thunder Crack
Scene 1 The Graveyard 3 Pugsley explosion
Scene 2 Morticia’s Chaise room    
Scene 3 Pugsley’s Bedroom 4 Lever pull and mechanics
    5 Lever pull and mechanics
    6 Bird Twitters
    7 Bird Twitters
    8 Lever pull and mechanics
    9 Lever pull and mechanics
    10 3 quick lever pulls
    11 Loud lever pull
Scene 3A Morticia’s Chaise room 12 Rat belches and farts hideously
Scene 4 Central Park 13 Thunder Crack
Scene 4A Back to Great Hallway    
Scene 5 The Great Hallway 14 Threes door knocks
    15 Door creaks open
    16 Door slams shut
Scene 6 Somewhere in the house    
Scene 7 Another room 17 Octopus rumblings
Scene 8 Morticia’s Chaise room    
Scene 9 Another room (a pool) 18 Thunder crack
Scene 10/11   19 Dinner Gong
Scene 12 Addams Dining Hall 20 Gale, wind, thunder and cracks
    21 Thunder Crack
      ACT TWO
  Outside the House 22 Gale and rumble
Scene 2 Morticia’s Bedroom 23 Electric shock
Scene 3 Guest Bedroom 24 Werewolf howling in distance
Scene 4 In Space 25 Rocket taking off
Scene 5/6 In the garden 26 City streets with sirens and gun shots
    27 Crossbow twang and arrow flight and thud.
Scene 7 Pugsley’s Bedroom 28 Owl hoots
Scene 8 The Grotto 29 Telephone rings
Scene 9 Bus stop outside the gates 30 Traffic sounds
Scene 10 The Graveyard 31 Fester’s rocket fizzing and bangs and clangs take off
Scene 11 BOWS