About the Norfolk YMT

We are a theatre company for the most talented of Norfolk’s young people.

We began staging musicals in 1995 and been perfoming shows in Norwich, Kings Lynn and Edinburgh for 25 years. During our time with NODA we won 14 awards including 7 Best Production Awards. Our policy has always been to perform  newly written, challenging works, whenever we can.

Entrance to the company is by competitive audition, held in February and July. Anyone can apply – no formal qualifications are needed.  Our cast ages range between 9 and 26 depending on the show being staged. If you would like to become involved on the technical staff then contact us giving details of your experience.

Hundreds of young actors and actresses have enjoyed working with the group over the past 24 years. Many have gone on to pursue professional careers in the theatre and a few have achieved international fame. If you think you have what it takes to get a part in one of our productions, then please get in touch.

Adrian Connell – Artistic Director