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ONCE UPON A WAR – 1995   Maddermarket Theatre   “…it was difficult to believe the cast was aged only   11 – 19″.
Michael Drake – EDP

THE RAGGED CHILD –   1996 UEA Drama Studio
“A riveting production..outstanding performances”.
Michael Drake EDP

WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND   – 1996 Maddermarket Theatre   “The company pulls out all the stops….. and   carries us emotionally captive to its moving conclusion”. Charles Robert

CAPTAIN STIRRICK –   1997 UEA Drama Studio   “Rich, too, is the talent as these youngsters again put   on music-drama to an extraordinarily high standard”. Michael Drake   EDP

THE ADVENTURES OF MR   TOAD – 1997 Summer Tour   “splendid and confident performances from all the   cast….I thoroughly recommend you catch this”.  Diss Express

THE VACKEES – 1997   Maddermarket Theatre   “the individual performances were of such high quality   and given with a depth and maturity beyond their years” Diss   Express

BENDIGO BOSWELL – 1998   UEA Drama Studio   “a lively and vibrant show”.  Sue du Pont –   NODA

OLIVER – 1998   Maddermarket Theatre   “these youngsters go from strength to strength”. Sue du   Pont

PENDRAGON – 1999   Norwich Playhouse   “most impressive”. Evening News. Pendragon won the NODA   `Best Production in Eastern Region Award’

WIZARD of OZ – 1999   Summer Tour   “a totally focused and committed performance from every member of   the cast”.   DISS Express

SOUND OF MUSIC – 1999 Maddermarket Theatre

WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND   – 2000 Norwich Playhouse   “you will be thrilled by this exhilarating   presentation”. Ken Hulme – Evening News

BUGSY MALONE – 2000   Summer Tour   “.. another success story for the Norfolk YMT..fun time for   all….and a high standard throughout…”. Sue du Pont – NODA

 INTO THE WOODS – 2000   Maddermarket Theatre   “With direction of the cast and  musicians by Adrian   Connell the company has reached a zenith”.  Michael Drake –   EDP

ANNIE – 2001 Norwich   Playhouse   “Attack, energy, motivation, musicianship, movement, confidence,   innovation of ideas, are all descriptions to be used about the Norfolk YMT”. Sue   du Pont – NODA review.

ADVENTURES OF MR TOAD   – 2001 Tour of Norfolk   “This large cast, filled with enthusiasm and showing   the talent that captured the magic to inspire other youngsters in the audience   with the wish to be part of the Norfolk YMT, and this is the future of theatre”.   Sue du Pont – NODA Review

THE RAGGED CHILD –   2001 Maddermarket Theatre   “These young people show such dedication to their   craft, I should not express surprise at the high standards”.  Lyn McKinney

OLIVER! – 2002 “music,   movement, timing and staging all exactly on cue and performed with attack and   enthusiasm”. NODA

THE CARD – 2002   Norwich Playhouse  “..it is often difficult to keep in mind that the show is   performed by youngsters,  Michael Drake – EDP

CABARET – 2002   Maddermarket Theatre “..a thought-provoking show….a very mature approach”.   Lyn McKinney – Radio Norfolk

SWEENEY TODD – 2003   Norwich Playhouse “Epic, spine-chilling, deeply dramatic, darkly comedic,   this show is peopled by a cast surely beyond compare”. John Lawson – EDP

BUGSY MALONE -2003   Maddermarket Theatre “Energy and enthusiasm and all the normal appause for   NYMT in those scenes from Fat Sam’s Speakeasy, this is what we wanted and the   audience loved it”. Sue Du Pont – NODA review.

FIDDLER ON THE ROOF –   2004 Norwich Playhouse “This is a colourful, sensitive, creative and highly   enjoyable interpretation of what is a difficult piece of musical theatre. Lyn   McKinney – BBC Radio

SWEENEY TODD – 2004   King’s Lynn Corn Exchange “What I loved was the energy and inventiveness of   the whole company – Adrian Connell’s direction is full of movement and ideas and   these youngsters follow through every idea with such vitality. Great to watch as   well as listen to”. Jill Bennett – BBC Radio Norfolk

ONCE UPON A WAR – 2004   Maddermarket Theatre “ If only half of this cast retains an interest in the   theatre, Norfolk audiences can look forward to exciting times ahead”. Ken Hulme   -Evening News

LES MISÉRABLES – 2005   Norwich Playhouse “Here we have a tight, well-rehearsed production which   will leave you marvelling at what can be achieved. There are good shows and   excellent shows. This one is excellent”. Ken Hulme – Evening News

THE VACKEES – 2005   Maddermarket Theatre “Period costumes; effective lighting; and slick dance   routines in Adrian Connell’s heart-warming production contribute to a first   class evening”.Richard Parr – EDP

THE SOUND OF MUSIC –   2006 Norwich Playhouse “ a show that sparkled from start to finish.” Richard   Parr – EDP

OLIVER! – 2006   Maddermarket Theatre & Corn Exchange “Enthusiasm, energy and endless   talent in this fast-paced show..the dramatic action never faltered” Richard Parr   – EDP

WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND   – 2007 Norwich Playhouse “a seminal movie of the 60’s .. Adrian Connell’s   production captures it perfectly” John Lawson – EDP

Edinburgh Fringe festival. **** Alan Chorley,   Broadway Baby

              THE LITTLE SWEEP, THE ENCHANTED   LOVERS   & INTO THE WOODS – 2007 Maddermarket Theatre “ Bewitching   entertainment” Chris Tracey Eve. News

PENDRAGON – 2008 Norwich   Playhouse “a stunning piece of theatre..the youngsters produced sensational   performances” Sue du Pont NODA, Pendragon won the NODA   `Best Musical & Best Overall Production in Eastern Region Award’

Edinburgh Fringe Festival. (4 stars) **** Alan Chorley, Broadway Baby

PICNIC at HANGING ROCK – 2008 Maddermarket Theatre   “such is the standard of acting, singing and dancing … they really do not put a foot, note or action wrong” EDP Michael Drake

              THE SECRET GARDEN – 2009 Norwich Playhouse   “Youngster’s stunning performance is just what we have come to expect” EDP Michael Drake.               Secret Garden won the NODA `Best Musical & Best Overall Production in Eastern Region Award’

THE RAGGED CHILD – 2009 Maddermarket Theatre   “Another richly rewarding production by youth group” Michael Drake EDP

ANNIE – 2010 Norwich Playhouse   ” Show had cream of young talent” EDP Sarah Hardy

THE SECRET GARDEN – 2010 Edinburgh Fringe festival
The quality of acting and singing on display here is outstanding, far beyond the expectations set by the cast’s years, and puts many student and adult productions here on the Fringe to shame.Yet another success for Norfolk Youth Music Theatre. Alan Chorley

THE VACKEES – 2010 Maddermarket Theatre
Never short of ambition, Norfolk Youth Music Theatre presents The Vackees. With a score by Carl David

LES MISERABLES – 2011 Norwich Playhouse
I was absolutely astounded by the maturity of this Norfolk Youth Music Theatre performance, which moved me more than the West End tour version.

THE CARD – 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival
The ensemble not only contributed to the overall quality of the production but their non-verbal work was first class and were well supported by the band under the direction Of Adrian Connell. GORDON CLAYTON

NUNSENSE – 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival
By the end, the cast were really getting into their stride. The accents had settled, the comic timing was spot-on and the five members of the NYMT had turned into a slick comedy unit, milking every bit of gold out of the outrageous plot. I left wanting more, much more. Lee Zhao

NUNSENSE – 2011 Maddermarket Theatre
No Review

THE CARD –  2011 Maddermarket Theatre
Filling the stage with tireless vitality, the whole cast creates a panorama of individual characters in this Norfolk Youth Music Theatre show that repays the tremendous effort that must have gone into producing it. Christopher Smith

SWEENEY TODD – 2012   Norwich Playhouse
Adrian Connell directs a highly talented ensemble. Callum Bicknell plays the barber with an amazing voice, towering morosely over victims and innocents alike. Harriet Millsopp is just outstanding as the amoral Mrs Lovett;turhing bodies into pies. David Porter


WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND – 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival
That this beautiful production should be a youth project is nothing short of miraculous.James Robert Ball

A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC – 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival
This production of was very high class for an amateur show.Katie Cunningham


WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND – 2012 Maddermarket Theatre
Director Adrian Connell has surpassed himself with this challenging piece of musical theatre.

MISS SAIGON – 2013 Norwich Playhouse
The EDP declined to review the show.
For any amateur group to take on the Vietnam War-based love story Miss Saigon is a massive challenge but the Norfolk Youth Theatre not only did so, but did it triumphantly. TONY MALLION

The EDP were not invited

LOVE STORY – 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Will Arundell and Eloise Hare are beautifully cast as Oliver and Jenny, playing both with an emotional depth and maturity beyond their tender years. Each manages to steer clear of the saccharine schmaltz it would be so easy to descend into.

LOVE STORY – 2013 UEA Norwich
The EDP declined to review the show.

OLIVER1 – 2013 Maddermarket Theatre
The EDP declined to review the show.

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – 2014 Norwich Playhouse

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